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The equipment has arrived!!

Finally, all the equipment that I wanted arrived. I waited much more than I expected, as it took to bring me the Atmel128 almost a month. Usually the stuff from China and HK came in a week or 10 days. But ok, its here. The list of new stuff that I have goes as follows:

  • Atmel Atmega128A Micro controller from LC studio (LCSsoft). Using also AVR studio 4 or 6, didn’t decide yet.
  • Wireless Bluetooth TTL transceiver Module ( RF-BT0417C)
  • USBASP programmator
  • USB to TTL converter
  • A small simple breadboard
  • A soldering machine with different irons
  • A lot of cables for assembling
  • Shrink tubes
  • Digital multimeter

Still missing, but it can wait:

  • Netduino microcontroller (www.netduino.com), bought it just because I was anxious to see how this works
  • Another 2 Wireless Bluetooth transceivers
  • Android phone like HTC Desire or similar

Goal is to make an Wireless controlled model car(boat, even plane or chopper), steered simply by   integrated magnetomer on Android phone. The micro controller programming I can do, mobile apps, not yet, but working on that too ;).  I know these stuff exist already, but sowhere I have to start, and this here is it.

Yesterday I already soldered the cables to Bluetooth, (TX and RX, as well as VCC and GND). I know it doesnt look preety, but it works. I used this solder yesterday for the first time so I will need some time to get used to that. Today, when the rest of the equipment arrived, I tested the BT over USB to TTL converter and it worked perfectly from the beginning! Yeah, the first time something like this ever happened to me.

The next step is to connect the micro-controller with the computer and try to communicate.  As I am still making the Live Casino project I have to focus some time today on this too.

Till next time!


Edit: Later today, somehow, even the Netduino came. Now I can still decide weather I want to do my project in plain C or in a higher OOP C#. As I have some (alot) of code already written in C I think this could be it. Maybe I should first do the differences between Atmel Atmega and Atmel ARM (NetDuino). And then also C and C#. Ah, I will see.

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