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Atmel Car V0.1

As promised, I will continue today. Yesterday I mentioned about the projects that I would be doing. Today I will describe what was already done and what are the next steps.

So far, I’ve bought a simple remote controlled car, disassembled it, removed the original circuit. Then I used two external servo motors, took their circuit, and connected it to the electro motors in the car. I screwed the Atmel research board on the “trunk” of the car and mounted a bluetooth module on roof.  I also connected the modules between each other. 


  • Front wheels on the PIN PD7
  • Back wheels on the PIN PB3
  • Bluetooth module BT0417C works over UART standard so I plugged it to PD0 (Tx) and and PD1 (Rx) on Atmel MCU.

Assembled everything again. I am really sorry for the bad pictures but I have a supplementary phone which is not the best machine in the world :).

I also wrote a short “dummy” projects which steers the car in a random way. So every 2 seconds the speed and direction of the car changes. Everything so far easy and simple, but it still takes some time.

The next step that awaits me is to define a standart that will help me get the data from the Phone to the MCU and the other way around. I thought of something like a aJSON or jsmn, do not know yet.

And the most important thing, start programming the Android. I do not know why, but I never managed to come further as “hello world” with the template that is already made for you in the Android SDK.

Stay tuned



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