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September 8, 2013 Leave a comment

Hello everybody

After a year, I will post a text again. This blog was started around a year ago to make a breakthrough to the business world. Yet I was quite busy, sometimes lazy and afterwards the priorities shifted far from this blog. In the mean time I settled nicely in Switzerland, living, working in IT, specifically electronic financial transactions (EFT). I am also trying to enjoy life. Life is good 🙂

However, the fall is slowly coming, with it also short days, bad weather and similar. It is because of this that I want to renew the writings. The equipment ordered last year was still waiting for me, it even grew some, so I decided to start working on a project. Unfortunately only after I assembled the hardware together I decided to post the project details here. Because of this there is not steps of what but just the assembled piece. Still, I will try to catch every next step (mostly SW build), here.

Ok, let’s get down to business.

I am making a very simple remote-controlled car with a BT remote controller. The remote is going to be an android user interface on a phone. I want to also use the gyroscope and accelerator chip, to make it working. I have available 2 different car models, firs is a simple remote-controlled car with two servo motors. I am also using an Atmel atmega32L as the brain of operation (Check the post from last year). After the software on the car is done I am going to try to make a user interface application to control the car.


Finally I am going to transfer everything to a bigger car with a brush-less motor, more power, more speed. I am going to include to the new car its own GPS receiver its own Gyro for stability. It is going to be powered by Atmel128L or even Netduino with its ARM processor (never tried C# in embedded programming). I hope I can manage to finish the projects until new year.


This week I am going to put some more effort, later on I will work on rainy, grey, cloudy days. I hope I can make it. Wish me luck, the ones that actually managed to read my texts :).

In the next post I am going to describe a detailed use of hardware + publish some software, that will be written till then.